Solar PV Installers And Suppliers

Solar PV as it’s  more commonly known has been around for many years, and for greater understanding we looked to Germany for guidance, where they have been using Solar PV to generate electricity and have huge experience with this technology.

The Germans are way ahead of us when it comes to Solar PV systems. Our research shows that as many as one in three properties have installed Solar PV systems there! Germany has Supported the home owners as we do here in the UK with subsidies paid to home owners and businesses for up to 25 Years!

Germany has been able to save on building more power stations due to the massive number of solar PV installations, which ultimately resulted in lower costs to the general public, some thing that the UK hope will happen here too.

If you have a solar PV system installed on your property by a MCS approved installation company you will receive a Renewable Heating Incentive Payment (RHIP) which will be paid for up to 25 years as the agreement now stands.  To find out more about this scheme you can contact us and we will be pleased to assist you to achieve greater understanding.

The System Design
We can designe a photovoltaic system for your home with the very latest design software as provided to us by SMA Systems. Made in Germany.

About SMA

The award winning German engineered Solar PV components manufacturer. Who lead world with efficient equipment for commercial and domestic use, built to extremely high standard SMA product are competitively priced.

Our design.  As you will see starts with a free on site survey, utilising the very latest solar PV evaluation technology to determine the percentage of sunlight projected onto your property.

An historic evaluation is carried out by our technicians to enable us to determining the last two years records from local weather centres, This provides us with the information required to select the right product and the best panel position for your home.

No detail is missed and all information gained is fed into software programme provided by SMA. The computer software generates a SAP calculation which complies with MCS.

A list of products best suited to your properties needs will be determined.  Having precisely identified your properties needs we then consult you regarding the visual appearance and  select the right colour of the panels to blend in with your roof.

The Installation
We use roofing specialists to ensure that your roof is suitable for the solar PV installation and to install the panels on roof. The reason for using a roofing specialist is that this is the most important stage of the installation process, as it is paramount that the installation process does not damage the integrity of your roof and that it continues to be water tight!  The roofing specialist will make sure that your roof is left in good condition and that any issues are resolved before the scafolding is removed.

Our installation team is made up of time served tradesman only.  Who have a wealth of experience in the construction industry, our electricians are time served tradesman who have completed apprenticeships with city and Guilds qualification.

We never will send a boy to do a mans job! We do have apprentices and support  the tradition,  but they will always be with a professional tradesman.

We will treat you and your property with the greatest respect at all times. Dust sheets will be used when necessary to protect your furnishings. We will clean up thoroughly and remove any redundant materials from your property on completion of the installation. We will offer a first class after sales service to maintain smooth running efficiency of your solar photovoltaic systems.

All our quotations are fixed price for sixty days which means that the price will not fluctuate for that period, and should you wish to accept the quotation within the sixty days with written acceptance and your deposit paid. It will remain fixed. Vat is extra charged at current rate applicable.

Please do contact us today to arrange your free on site survey. Free expert advice and an extremely competitive price with no obligation.